Kim Kardashian Reveals The Worst Part Of Being Her And It’s So Relatable

Kim Kardashian just got candid about the downsides of being world famous.

Being rich and famous might sound like the most carefree life possible but Kim Kardashian has opened up about some of the downsides that come along with it.

During a conference in Los Angeles called Create & Cultivate, Kim admitted fame isn’t quite as dreamy as most people would expect.

There are some days when she just wants to pull on her oldest, ketchup-stained jogging pants and not have to worry about unflattering pics landing on the front pages.

“When I just look like sh*t and want to go outside and just eat a churro and not like, have anyone just up my ass," Kim replied about the downsides of being famous. “But I can’t complain, honestly. It’s not that bad.”

Monday, 05. March 2018