7 Of The Most Random Celebrity Surgeries We've Ever Heard Of

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  • 1: Kyle Christie's beard transplant: Reality star Kyle Christie announced in 2017 he was getting a beard transplant to match the hair transplant he’d had the year before. Didn’t he have a beard already? But Kyle admitted he felt subconscious about his sub-par scruff so headed under the knife. You do you babes.

  • 2. Kris Jenner's ear lobe tuck: Kris felt her earlobes were too long AND SHE COULDN’T WEAR HER HUGE DIAMONDS. If that’s not reason to hit the plastic surgeon then we don’t know what is, quite frankly.

  • 3. Chrissy Teigen's armpit reduction: In 2017, Chrissy admitted that she had has armpit surgery. According to Refinery29 she said: “I had an armpit sucked out, which was one of the best things. It's a big secret, but I don't care. It was nine years ago or so. And I had two inches to my armpit. Now it's back though, so now I've gotta pay for [liposuction] again. It was so easy. It made me feel better in dresses, I felt more confident. It was the dumbest, stupidest thing I've ever done. The dumbest, but I like it, whatever. I have no regrets, honestly.”

  • 4. Heidi Montag's back shaping: Back in 2010, Heidi went through a mega 10 surgeries in one day but the most random was surely her back shaping. A plastic surgeon scooped out Heidi’s lower back (essentially back lipsuction) to give her more curves.

  • 5. Alicia Duvall’s toe shortening: Model Alicia has had over 350 plastic surgeries from boob jobs to nose jobs but her most random was when she had her toes shortened. She told Now: “I was always very self-conscious about the way my feet looked. Whenever I wore sandals, my toes spilled out of the front and looked so ugly. It even put me off dating. I was miserable."

  • 6. Gemma Collins' vaginal rejuvenation:This is a popular surgery for women these days and why not? Take care of your vajay babes. But it’s pretty common for women to have had a couple of kids before heading to the doctor to tighten up their area. But not Gemma – she just did it because she wanted a ‘designer vagina’.

  • 7. Rodgrigo Alves' abs: Rodrigo has been nicknamed ‘the human Ken’. He has spent £400k on going under the knife and most random has to be his enhanced eight-pack that set him back a whopping £22k.

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    Who even knew you could have that done?

    Celebs are huge fans of plastic surgery and some of them just can’t help going under the knife.

    But it’s not all boobsjobs and botox, sometimes those famous faces shock the bejesus out of us by getting the most random surgeries you can think of. Seriously who even knew they were a thing?

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    Monday, 26. February 2018