8 Celebrity Conspiracy Theories That Will Freak You Out

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  • 1. Demi Lovato has a secret twin sister locked in the basement: Rumour has it that Demi Lovato has a twin sister called Poot living at the bottom of her basement and that her first outing in the real world happened back in 2015 when she finally escaped the confines of her cell and became a much-loved internet meme.

  • 2. Taylor Swift is a satanic cult leader and member of the Illuminati: This stems from the fact that Taylor bears a passing resemblance to a woman called Zeena Lavey, who gained mild fame back in the 80s for being the high-priestess of the Church of Satan. The fact that she hasn’t aged a day can probably be put down to the fact that "snakes" are notorious for shedding their wrinkled skin. Seems legit.

  • 3. Khloe Kardashian is the daughter of OJ Simpson: While Kris Jenner has assured Khloe K that her real dad is the late Robert Kardashian, a bunch of people have a theory that disgraced NFL star OJ Simpson is actually her biological father and that the KUWTK matriarch is desperate to keep the truth under wraps for fear of public backlash.

  • 4. Kylie Jenner was actually the surrogate for Kim Kardashian: This theory gained traction amongst Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans who couldn’t quite figure out why Kylz was so desperate to keep her pregnancy quiet. Of course, it later transpired that Kylie had given birth to her own child with Travis Scott, and Kim had welcomed baby Chicago with the help of a completely unrelated surrogate.

  • 5. Lorde is actually really old: After Lorde cracked a joke to Vanity Fair at a pre-Grammys party about being 45-years-old, fans began sifting through pretty much everything she’s ever said to deduce if she’s been lying about her age. This rumour was finally put to rest when her birth certificate was released to Hairpin's website proving that she *was* genuinely born in 1996.

  • 6. Kim Kardashian faked her robbery: When Kim Kardashian hit the headlines for enduring a horrific robbery that saw her tied up in a bathtub while thieves made off with her jewellery, some cynics out there assumed she’d orchestrated the entire thing to boost Keeping Up With The Kardashians ratings. Sigh.

  • 7. Justin Bieber is a lizard: Probably the most batsh*t celebrity conspiracy theory of all time, a headline allegedly published in Perth Now claimed that the pop sensation morphed into a full-on lizard with "greenish-brown claws" and "turd-coloured scales” in front of thousands of petrified fans. The whole situation has been hushed up ever since, and the article has mysteriously vanished from the internet.

  • 8. Avril Lavigne died back in 2003: This is the brainchild of a fan site in Brazil which claims that record labels replaced Avril Lavigne with a lookalike due to the singer’s untimely death after the release of her Let Go album. Evidence is pretty woolly, but involves the fact that Avril’s appearance and sound have altered ever so slightly over the years. What more verification could anyone need?

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    Considering we spend so much time scrolling through the Instagram updates of our favourite celebrities, it’s no surprise that our imagination sometimes gets a bit carried away.

    From Taylor Swift being to a satanic cult leader to Justin Bieber actually being a lizard – we’ve collected the most batsh*t crazy celeb conspiracy theories that will leave your head spinning.

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    Thursday, 15. February 2018