10 Celebs Who Kept Major Life Events A Secret From The World

  • 1. Kylie Jenner's pregnancy: The QUEEN of the surprise announcement was announced when Kylie admitted, after months of speculation, that she had given birth to a baby girl in February.

  • 2. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's wedding: The couple only went and got married in 2012 without telling the world. They even went as far as applying for a marriage license the week after their wedding so no one would find out. Clever.

  • 3. Cheryl Tweedy’s break-up: Chezza shocked us all, first with a whirlwind romance and secret wedding to her ex-husband Jean-Bernard Fernadez-Versini but then when she filed for divorce in 2016 having hidden their break-up from the public for five months.

  • 4. Enrique Iglesias’s twins: The singer and his wife, tennis star Anna Kournikova, managed to keep their entire pregnancy a secret from the world. It was only when the couple debuted their twins on social media that anyone had any idea.

  • 5. Alexis Bledel’s daughter: The Gilmore Girls star managed to hide the birth of her daughter until her co-star Scott Patterson let it slip saying she was a great mum. She gave birth to a little girl with husband Vincent Kartheiser in 2016. Bet Lorelai was over the actual moon.

  • 6. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's marriage: Even though a million people asked her, Mila wouldn’t admit that she had married husband Ashton Kutcher until James Corden spotted a wedding band on her finger during her appearance on his chat show. The couple wed in 2016 and have kept SUPER quiet about how the wedding went down.

  • 7. Megan Fox’s baby (and) daddy: Megan not only managed to hide her pregnancy for a while but she also hid who the baby’s father was, keeping us all guessing. After a ton of speculation it turned out to be her estranged husband Brian Austin Green who she had reconciled with during the pregnancy. CRAZY.

  • 8. Taylor Swift’s relationship: Taylor managed to keep her relationship with current boo Joe Alwyn a secret for months before anyone clocked them. The story broke in May of 2017 and it wasn’t even until the end of the year when they made their official debut together in public.

  • 9. Selena Gomez kidney transplant: The world was shocked AF when Selena posted a picture of herself and her friend Francia Raisa holding hands after Francia had donated Sels a kindey to save her life. No one had guess that the singer’s life had been in danger from the Lupus that she suffers from.

  • 10. Meghan Markle’s royal relationship: Who would have even guessed that Rachel from Suits was living a fairy-tale romance when she hid from the world that she was dating the actual Prince Harry. The couple were introduced by a mutual friend and dated in secret until debuting their relationship in 2017 shortly before they got engaged.

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    First of all – well done, Kylie Jenner. There isn’t much that gets past the paparazzi or those mega fans, but she managed to keep her entire pregnancy private. And she’s one of the most followed celebs in the world.

    This isn’t the first time that a celeb has managed to hide a MAJOR life event from us.

    Check out the list in the gallery above!

    Wednesday, 07. February 2018