MTV PUSH: Superorganism

The amazing collective of eight musicians is February's MTV PUSH act.

Consisting of members from the UK, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, seven of whom now live together in a London house-turned-DYI studio, Superorganism is a sprawling, multi-limbed collection of international musicians and pop culture junkies. This is a band characterised by a kaleidoscopic riot of sound and visuals.

Initially putting demos together for a new, then-unnamed project, the band met their teenage singer Orono at one of their early shows in Japan. After hearing her covers of bands like Weezer and Pavement on Soundcloud, they decided to send a demo over to her and put her voice in the mix.

Within an hour, she’d finished her vocals and sent it back to the band. That became their first single, ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D.’ Once they put it up on Soundcloud, everything exploded. The track was picked up by THE FADER, BBC Radio 1 and Frank Ocean’s Beats 1 show. They were inundated with requests from managers and labels and messages from fans all over the world.

Slightly freaked out by the wild interest, they initially decided not to reveal their identities, only fuelling further interest and speculation. Once Orono joined the group in London, they were ready to create their record.

With everyone together in one physical space, the album came quickly in an explosion of creative energy. With the final product coming on March 2nd, the early feedback suggests a thrilling debut album of immaculate production and spotless sampling.

Once the band revealed their identities to the world, the demand for live performances was already overwhelming. Going on to play to a sold out Village Underground in London, Superorganism’s stunning live show was brought to life, accompanied by some incredible 8-bit visuals from artist and housemate Robert.

It’s crazy to think how fast this utterly unique band have gone from being a house-share side-project to one of the most talked about new acts around. An audio-visual global powerhouse, we can only begin to imagine what the next year has in store for Superorganism.

With their infectious latest single ’Everybody Wants to be Famous’ as our focus video, we are beyond thrilled to have the one-of-a-kind Superorganism as our Push for February.

Keep your eyes peeled for some exclusive content over the course of the month!

Friday, 02. February 2018