Ed Sheeran won't sleep with groupies

Ed Sheeran won’t sleep with any of his fans.
The ‘A Team’ singer claims he doesn’t want to compromise his music career for a one night stand with a groupie, but thinks ‘’one day’’ he could have a relationship with an admirer.
When asked by gossip blogger Perez Hilton if he would sleep with a fan, Ed explained: ’’I’ve always been in long term relationships for the whole of my life, so no.
‘’[I’m] not so much [in a relationship] now because I’m kind of away, but we’re not in any place long enough to do that, we leave after every gig.
‘’One day, one day. I think when I get a little bit older and settle into it a bit more, but I’m a newbie on the scene, I don’t want to mess it up yet.‘’
The softly-spoken singer also said his fans make him forget his lyrics.
Ed, 21, added: ’’The only time I forget my lyrics is if I’m watching someone in the front row sing them back to me, and if they mess it up. Because then I’ll trip up because I’ll, like, start kind of looking at them mouthing what they’re doing. And if they trip up, then I’ll trip up.
‘’So yeah, I’ve kind of stopped doing that.‘’
The ’Lego House’ singer recently pulled out of his US tour supporting Snow Patrol due to ‘’personal reasons’’ but will be playing a number of festivals this summer, then returning to the US for a solo tour. Ed’s debut album, ‘+’, is out now in Europe and will be released in the US on June 12.
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Tuesday, 15. May 2012