Big Boi's indie album

Big Boi has renamed his next solo album to reflect a more indie direction.
The rapper – who is also a member of Outkast – has decided against his working title of ‘Daddy Fat Sax: Soul Funk Crusader’ for his forthcoming LP but has not yet chosen an alternative name.
Big Boi said the move was prompted because he has recently worked with Modest Mouse on their latest album and he has also been listening to tracks by Little Dragon and Lana Del Rey, which have influenced his new musical direction.
He told ‘’Every different genre of music will be used. Hip hop is the least thing I listen to right now. I’ve been listening to lots of folk, bluegrass and rock. Groups like Mumford & Sons and Lana Del Rey.‘’
It has been over six years since Big Boi – real name Antwan Patton – and Andre 3000, teamed up as Outkast for an album, but he insists they still work with each together frequently.
He added: ’’We’re just really focused on solo projects.My whole thing is just to keep the recording process going. When it’s time to do the Outkast record we’ll do it, but right now it’s solo time.
‘’Sometimes he comes to the studio and be in my sessions just checking out music. People get excited when they see us in the studio together, but it was never for one specific project. Sometimes Dre’s in the studio listening to my new music.’’

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Tuesday, 15. May 2012