Here's How Old Celebs Were When They Made Their First Million

  • Mark Zuckerberg, 22 years old: The Facebook creator came up with the idea in his dorm room at Harvard and when the social media site hit the big time in 2006 he made his first million. Just a year later he became a billionaire at 23.

  • Charlotte Crosby, 26 years old: When Charlotte’s fitness DVD became the fastest selling fitness DVD OF ALL TIME she quickly capitalised and brought out a second. She also released two autobiographies, a fashion line with In The Style and has her own show Just Tattoo Of Us. Hence a millionaire by her mid-twenties.

  • Vicky Pattison, 28 years old: As well as being a star of Geordie Shore, Vicky also released a fitness DVD and weight-loss subscription service with online videos and supplements. Add that to her stints of reality shows and her autobiography, she’s admitted she's finally into the ‘seven-figures’.

  • Justin Bieber, 16 years old: After Justin’s successful debut album My World was released in 2015, the cash dollar came flooding in and he was a millionaire not long after. He’s now estimated to be worth a massive £225million.

  • Gaz Beadle, 27 years old: After making money doing PAs and appearing on Geordie Shore, Gaz invested his money into property and a nightclub in Zante. He admitted he used his first million to help out his family, including paying for his sister’s maternity leave. Cuuute.

  • Sir Richard Branson, 23 years old: Back in his early twenties, Richard started a mail-order record service and opened a number of record shops. But his dream was to have a music label and he took on four bands who all released albums. One of the singers had a single that was featured as the main track for the 1973 horror movie The Exorcist and they made their first fortune. He’s now worth a whopping five billion.

  • Oprah Winfrey, 32 years old: She was the first African- American woman to become a billionaire when she was 49 but in 1986 the TV personality made her first million.

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    See how old Justin Bieber, Charlotte Crosby, Oprah and other celebs were when they first became millionaires.

    Sometimes it feels as if celebs were born super rich in mansions with butlers running around. But unless your parents are mega wealthy, that’s not really the case. They’ve had to work their famous asses off for that money.

    And some of them get it younger than others.

    See how old the stars were when they earned their first million in the gallery above!

    Friday, 24. November 2017