The 20 Hottest Male Celebrities of 2017

  • 1. Harry Styles: Hazza, Hazza, Hazza. What can we say? You’ve been fit since you were on X Factor but now you’ve gone solo we only see one man in our life. Pssst, it’s you.

  • 2. Ryan Gosling: No matter what age you are, Gosling is ridiculously good looking. And he’s a dad now, IMAGINE your mate introducing you to her fam and that’s her dad. Super awkward.

  • 3. Zayn: There is always room for the dark, brooding musician on this list and the honour goes to the beautiful, long eyelash-ed Zayn. Gigi Hadid, well done gurl.

  • 4. Cole Sprouse: Before Riverdale graced our lives with its joy, Cole was just one of the twins from The Suite Life or Ross Gellar’s son Ben from Friends. Suddenly Cole grew up and HELLO.

  • 5. Ryan Reynolds: Like a fine wine (and not beer as we learned the hard way) Ryan just gets better with age. Srsly though he’s 41 AND LOOK AT HIM.

  • 6. Justin Bieber: If you say you don’t fancy el Biebo then you’re lying. You are. Oh there you go again. Yeah he may be a grade A* rascal sometimes but isn’t that just part of the Bieber charm?

  • 7. Brandon Flynn: There are 13 Reasons Why we fancy Brandon and many of them involve his face. We fell in love with Justin Foley and seethed with jealousy over his blossoming romance with Sam Smith. No fair.

  • 8. Kit Harington: Kit stole our hearts as the true King of Game Of Thrones and all we want to do is shack up at Winterfell with him tbh. Or The Wall, if we must.

  • 9. KJ Apa: Riverdale’s Archiekins is a relatively new face on the block of hot dudes but he’s made quite the impression on us since his ginger mug appeared on our screen.

  • 10: Dave Franco: To be honest, we were quite hurt when we found out that he had upped and got married to Alison Brie. We didn’t even know if was happening. Rude.

  • 11. Nick Jonas: It’s no wonder he dated Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, look at him. Remember when you realised he’d gotten well stacked after being the scrawny youngest Jonas bro? That was a great day.

  • 12. Drake: He might have started from the bottom but he’s the top of our lists. Though his dating life confuses us our passion(fruit) is at an all-time high for him. Sorry.

  • 13. Tom Hiddleston: Even the fear that Taylor Swift might write a diss track about us wouldn’t keep us away from Hiddy. Also word on the street is he is the NICEST guy.

  • 14. Channing Tatum: Magic Mike is one of the all time greatest films and the fact that it didn’t win 17 Oscars is criminal. We can’t talk about it more, we’ll get inappropriate.

  • 15. Niall Horan: He transformed from the cute blonde Irish one in One Direction to a total babestation and we can’t get enough.

  • 16. The Weeknd: There is something about his mysterious persona and sexy voice that we can’t get over. And you can’t make us.

  • 17. Brooklyn Beckham: David Beckham (still fit) has passed the hottest Beckham torch to his oldest son Brooklyn who continues to make us jealous with all his cute selfies with rekindled love Chloe Moretz.

  • 18. Anwar Hadid: Bella and Gigi Hadid might be some of the most famous models in the world but let’s not overlook their younger brother Anwar. Give him a few years and holy moly.

  • 19. Zac Efron: Where would life even be if Zefron wasn’t on this list? Exactly. It would just be odd and probably illegal. That face, those eyes, that bod. YES.

  • 20. Liam Hemsworth: It wasn’t Miley Cyrus that came in a like a wrecking ball to our lives and destroyed the possibility of us ever being happy with a man that didn’t look like Liam. It was Liam.

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    Tuesday, 31. October 2017