7 Celebrities That Worked For Other Celebrities Before They Became Famous

  • 1. Kim Kardashian: Assistant to Paris Hilton – Kim maintains that she was actually helping Paris organise her wardrobe, something she did for countless other celebs including Nicole Richie and Brandy. She even popped up on the Simple Life, being bossed about by the heiress.

  • 2. Allison Williams: Assistant to Tina Fey – The Girls’ actress’s dad Brian Williams, who is a super famous NBC journalist, helped her nab the job of Tina’s PA on the 2008 film Baby Mama. OMG so jealous.

  • 3. Kanye West: producer for Jay-Z’s record label – Before he was a mega famous rapper and husband of Kim K, Yeezus was hired by former BFF Jay-Z to help produce tracks at his record label, which opened in 1996.

  • 4. Mary-Kate Olsen: Interned for Annie Leibowitz – In 2005, while her twin interned for Zac Posen, MK took her love of photography and interned for one of the most famous picture-snappers in the world, Annie.

  • 5: Ashley Olsen: Interned for Zac Posen – Back when she was already a huge star (New York Minute/Our Lips Are Sealed/ HOLIDAY IN THE SUN? Best films ever), Ashley was completing her fashion degree at NYU where she interned for Zac Posen for college credit.

  • 6. Bethenny Frankel: Looked after Paris Hilton – The Real Housewives of New York City star was working in a restaurant in LA when she met future Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Kyle Richards who introduced her to her sister Kathy Hilton. Kathy gave her a job driving Nicky and Paris Hilton to school and put her in charge of being the family chef too.

  • 7. Mindy Kaling: Interned for Conan O’Brien – The Mindy Project star interned for the Conan O’Brien Show way back in the day before they made it big. Mindy maintains she was the ‘worst intern that’s every worked on the program.’ LOL.

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    Everyone has to start somewhere.

    It may feel as though celebs were basically born famous. I mean, can we even remember a time when Kim Kardashian wasn’t the focal point of our lives? No.

    But it turns out that these stars worked for some major celebrities before making it big.

    Check out the gallery above!

    Wednesday, 25. October 2017