Avril Lavigne Is The Most 'Dangerous' Celeb To Google And Here's Why

Avril Lavigne tops list of the most dangerous stars to search for online.

If you’re a big Avril Lavigne fan then you might want to make sure your internet security us up to date.

New research reveals that internet criminals are targeting fans searching for Avril Lavigne with the most malicious websites of any celeb.

According to cybersecurity company McAffee, this means that Avril Lavigne is currently the most ‘dangerous’ celeb to search. Other ‘dangerous’ celebs include Carly Rae Jepsen, Zayn Malik and Céline Dion.

Confused about what this all means? Well, you should mainly be careful when googling or following links that appear to be related to the celeb since there is a high risk that they could contain viruses or malware just waiting to infect your computer.

Thursday, 21. September 2017