Angelina Jolie Is Returning For Maleficent 2

The actress reveals she will return to play the iconic Disney character.

Angelina Jolie is set to make her big screen comeback!

The star revealed at the Telluride film festival that she’ll be starring in the upcoming sequel to Maleficent. The Disney movie will be her first on-screen role since 2015.

“We have been working on the script and this is going to be a really strong sequel,” Jolie said when asked about the new project.

There had been rumours that Universal’s Bride Of Frankenstein remake would be Angelina Jolie’s next acting gig, but now it seems that she’ll be putting on the horns for a second time before taking on any other roles.

While the release date has yet to be confirmed, we’re so glad that Jolie is back in the spotlight.

Monday, 11. September 2017