Sophie & Chloe Will Have A Big Argument In Upcoming Geordie Shore Episode

Get ready for tons of drama on the new season of Geordie Shore.

Fights in the Geordie Shore house are a common sight, but Chloe Ferry’s bust up with Nathan Henry during the premiere episode of season 15 had us in shock.

It’s hard seeing these two besties falling out.

But in her column for New! Magazine, Sophie Kasaei has revealed that Nathan isn’t the only one getting annoyed with Chloe. Sophie also has a big fight with Chloe coming up on the show.

“It is very real the show, because we do get so frustrated with her. Next episode we have a big argument and I hate watching us argue on TV, but sometimes it needs to be done to clear things up,” reveals Sophie in her New! Magazine column.

To be honest, we’re getting a little emotional just thinking about it.

Monday, 04. September 2017