11 Weird Famous Crushes That Celebrities Have Had

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  • 1. Scarlett Johansson: Gordon Ramsay – Turns out Scar-Jo loves a man who drops the F-bomb and is really mean about people’s cooking. She said: “He is the hottest guy right now, in the world."

  • 2. Lucy Hale: Steve Carrell – The Pretty Little Liar admitted on Twitter that she had a thing for Steve writing: "Steve carell is my dream man. That's all."

  • 3. Jennifer Lawrence: Larry David – JLaw admitted her love for the 69-year old actor and director saying “I gave Larry David my number and he never called me. I love that he didn't call me. It makes him so much hotter."

  • 4. Eva Mendes: Liam Gallagher – Even though she is married to our ride-or-die crush, Ryan Gosling, Eva admitted: "Liam Gallagher is definitely one of the sexiest men alive."

  • 5. James Corden: Hillary Clinton – James publically announced to Hillary on his show: “You know how on Instagram they have weird-crush Wednesdays? You’re my weird crush everyday. I want to be your ambassador for defense, secretary for offense, I want to be your minister of romance. You’re a mom I’d like to follow into the White House.”

  • 6. Robert Pattinson: Jane Fonda – R-Patz admitted he had a thing for the 74-year old. “I always liked Jane Fonda,” he told Elle. FYI that’s a 48-year age gap.

  • 7. Lena Dunham: Jimmy Fallon – Lena was a guest on Jimmy’s chat show when she shocked him by admitting her feelings for him. She said: “I was like really obsessed with you in highschool, like in a way that was a little crazy. I don’t want to freak you out, but I feel like there’s a lot of stuff I’ve needed to say to you for a long time.”

  • 8. Ariana Grande: Jim Carrey – Ariana has said: “My childhood crush, like, my lifelong crush, it kind of all goes together - it's Jim Carrey, I love him so much. [When I met him] I cried. It was really weird. It was so weird. It was so uncharacteristic of me. I'm usually sort of chill.”

  • 9. Kristen Stewart: Harrison Ford – Kristen admitted to having two crushes, one of each gender. She said: "I used to have a huge thing for Harrison Ford. Amy Adams, man, she’s my favourite actress. I have a total crush on her because I got to work with her too – she’s awesome."

  • 10. Rob Kardashian: Kim Kardashian – Yup you read that right. During an interview for the E! show Rob & Chyna the couple discussed their childhood crushes. Rob said Chyna’s was Ricky Martin and Chyna let it slip that J-Lo was Rob’s…oh and Kim. He replied “That’s also pretty accurate”. We’re pretty sure he was joking. RIGHT?

  • 11. Jessica Chastain: Gary Oldman – Jessica said: “Gary Oldman in Dracula is my cinematic crush. It was just him with the accent and the hair and the humanity he brought to the character.”

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    Monday, 02. October 2017