Louis Tomlinson just shared the cutest snapshot of his son Freddie

Born to be a star... most obvs!

Looks like as former One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is already trying to encourage his one-year-old son Freddie to follow in his musical footsteps as he just shared this absolutely adorable photo of his little son (plus guitar):

Freddie seemingly looks more than stoked and tbh, one can’t start early enough, right!

Louis – who has his son with ex-girlfriend Briana Jungwirth – has gushed about being a first time father:

‘Any time he can do something new — I know he’s not a dog, but… for example, he just started taking his first few steps, which is like nothing else, but before that he was a little bit vocal. It’s constantly changing, but the whole thing is super cool.’

Way to cute!

Monday, 03. July 2017