8 times the Geordie's were super open about their sex lives

  • 8 times the Geordie's were super open about their sex lives >>>

  • 1. Marnie on Lewis Bloor: "Lewis and I are really good at the minute. Our sex life is amazing - in fact, it's life-changing. He's the first man to ever give me a proper orgasm - and I'm 24. I haven't told him that, though! I get embarrassed and don't want to give him a big head."

  • 2. Gary Beadle on random girls: “If you think of five years of just sleeping with five people a week… that's 20 girls a month times 12, that's 240 girls. I've been on Geordie Shore for five years, so that makes 900 and something. 200 birds before I was on Geordie Shore... plus the last few months... you're looking at 1200, 1300 ish!"

  • 3. Charlotte Crosby on Stephen Bear: “[Bear] always tells everyone he’s got a tiny d*ck because he likes the attention it brings. It’s better than saying it’s big but really it’s huge. We were in a spa and talking about oral sex and how it was going to be amazing and my nail went right into him and it bled. It was all fine in the end and we still got on with things. He’s like Wolverine, he just heals.”

  • 4. Holly Hagan on Kyle Christie: “My best sexual experience, I know most people won’t agree with this, but obviously after me and Kyle split up in Zante we’d been away from each other a very long time and obviously there was still so much sexual tension there that when I got back from Zante it was the most mind-blowing sex of my entire life.”

  • 5. Marnie Simpson on Chloe Ferry: “Messing with Chloe Ferry is like messing with a cartoon character. It’s not real, it sounds silly, but it’s not real. We don’t take it seriously. We just giggle and laugh. It’s like I’ve dived into this make believe world and it’s like I’m having a laugh and being stupid. Because it’s Chloe, it was like I wasn’t really doing it. She’s the one friend that everyone can let loose with and be yourself. Chloe was laughing about it and saying, ‘Oh, it’s fine man,’ and I was like, ‘It’s not fine. I’ve got a boyfriend!’”

  • 6. Scotty T on his post-Celebrity-Bigh-Brother-sex: “[I can’t wait to] have sex. Mine’s been horny as ought in here, it’s hard. Good luck to the girl I have sex with when I come out of here, because she’s gonna be in a wheelbarrow for about a week!”

  • 7. Scotty T on Tiffany Pollard: “She was pure trying it on with me every night – I’m not even joking! She was like, ‘Damn Scotty, you looking fine!’ She’s a nice girl. I think she was just missing a bit of male attention. I would have pure destroyed her. Well, if you watch back she was the one who saw my willy and ran away,”

  • 8. Sophie Kasaei on Joel Corry: “After watching the new 50 Shades I think I’d like a bit of S&M. I’d be happy to get whatever she gets in the film. Though seeing as everyone thinks my boyfriend looks like a girl, I’d have to be the man and be the dominatrix. I wouldn’t mind having a whip and tying him up.”

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    Thursday, 22. June 2017