Feminist at heart: Harry Styles literally wears his thoughts on his sleeve

You go "girl"!

After previously supporting Emma Watson and the UN’s for the #HeForShe campaign, with also just recently speaking out on some pretty great stuff on how lame it is when people ridicule teenage girls for the things they are passionate about – Harry Styles just once more proved his feminist side to us and the world.

But just in case and for those in doubt Mr. Styles once more unleashed his inner feminist, with his latest t-shirt choice, which casually but powerfully supports his feminist beliefs:

The T-shirt design was apparently inspired by the Women’s March which took place in January this year (you can buy it here).

Once again… You’re so kickass Hazza, reminding us all, that gender inequality should be as much of a big deal to dudes as it is women.

Thursday, 08. June 2017