Drum roll for this months MTV Push Artist, KYLE.

When KYLE was ten, his dad first introduced him to hip-hop music. “We were in the car and he was slapping Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s ‘Baby I Got Your Money,’ he remembers.

‘After that I started rapping instantly— the next day.’

KYLE quickly went on to follow his new passion, eventually forging a career out of hip hop himself. Instead of trying to mimic what he thought a rapper should sound like, KYLE learned to use his natural speaking voice and personality.

What he discovered was that his laid back Valley vibe and cool Cali flow was a crowd pleaser. After dropping a handful of mixtapes, KYLE caught the attention of DJ Carnage, who produced his bouncy breakout track, ‘Keep It Real’ in 2013. He has since amassed millions of streams and Youtube plays with hits such as ‘Sex & Super Smash Bros’ and ‘Fruit Snacks’.

These days KYLE’s raps have gotten him faithful fans who helped him to sell out nationwide tours and rack up millions of streams. Now, with his latest single ‘iSpy,’ featuring Lil Yachty skyrocketing up the charts, KYLE is making it clear that he’s just getting started and isn’t slowing down any time soon.

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Wednesday, 07. June 2017