This app literally sucks the energy out of your smartphones battery life

Would you delete it?

It’s time to pull yourself together and honestly break down a list of your social media app faves as one of these apps meanwhile literally sucks all of the energy out of your smartphone.

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According to mobile economist John Koetsier, Facebook is most likely the vampire under our favourite apps as it’s turns out to be pretty terrible for our so beloved phone batteries… at least compared to Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

The problem? Well, Facebook operates with a whole lot of features, all running simultaneously. Things like device location, live videos, notifications, contacts, statistics and camera all starting up at once when you launch the app, are surely not a battery saver after all.

You’re still not quite ready to delete Facebook? Then simply try to turn off the bonus bits like video autoplay, location settings and notifications and see if there’s a difference in battery usage.

Soz, Facebook… but you just doesn’t cut it anymore – unless it comes to stalking people that you hate, then you’re right up there again.

Thursday, 01. June 2017