Sheet masks are the shizz and these are the best ones out there

  • These are the best sheet masks out there right now >>>

  • Tony Moly "I’m real avocado mask sheet nutrition": Korean brand Tony Moly is super popular right now because they’re on the cheaper of the scale but are also beaut for your skin. There are a huge range of single sheet masks to try but everyone raves about the Avocado mask, 'cos avo is GREAT for your skin. And tasty. Though probs don’t eat it after.

  • Starskin "Hydrating bio-cellulose second skin face mask": This super smooth and soft mask is best used before make-up for a flawless finish. It targets dry skin and soothes tired skin.

  • Garnier "Moisture bomb tissue mask": This one is amazing for dehydrated and dry skin and you only need to leave it on for 15 minutes. Plus it comes with a week’s worth of serum to keep that skin glowing.

  • La Mer "The hydrating facial": Okay so this is kinda the Kim Kardashian of face masks – expensive and beautiful. La Mer is the dream when it comes to skin care but alas it will dent the wallet. But worth it if you can wrap your head around the price. It’s so fancy it comes with separate masks for the top and bottom of your face for a more comfortable experience and leaves your skin feeling like a baby.

  • Charlotte Tilbury "Instant magic facial dry sheet mask": As it kind of says in the name, this is a dry mask so for those of you who feel icky with a wet mask on, it’s for you. Plus it can be used three times which makes the price tag a little bit more reasonable.

  • Dr. Jart + All that lift & firm hydrogen expansion stretch mask: If your skin has been feeling tired and saggy then this is your bag. It’s aimed at wrinkles and large pores and contains aloe leaf, caffeine and sunflower acid, which appaz is great for firming up that skin bbz. Plus it comes in two parts like La Mer but for a fraction of the price tag.

  • Peter Thomas Roth "Un-wrinkle intense deep wrinkle mask sheet": Made with actual 24k gold, these masks are amazing for dry skin. They have a huge cult following and we can see why. Plus you'll feel well fancy.

  • St Tropez "Self tan express face sheet mask": Wanna tan while you sheet? Duh. St Tropez have brought out the first tanner mask which makes those fears of an uneven face tan a thing of the past. Plus it makes those orange hands way easier to avoid.

  • Dr. Jart + Pore minimalist black charcoal sheet mask: Coal has been used for years to draw out impurities from pores and remove dead skin cells and this mask does just that. It leaves you pores teeny tiny and your skin super smooth and soft.

  • Estée Lauder "Advanced night repair concentrated recovery powerfoil mask": Mix it up and go for a foil mask which basically looks like you’ve put tinfoil over your face. FAB. This mask uses Estee Lauder’s cult Advanced Night Repair Serum and a double dose of hyaluronic acid that most masks use and the foil keeps the moisture locked in even more than regular cloth masks.

  • Masque Bar "Green tea sheet mask": The tea tree in the mask soothes blotchy and blemished skin leaving a more even facial complexion. Great for acne-prone peeps.

  • Origins "Plantscription™ youth-renewing sheet mask": Origins is the shiz when it comes to face masks so we were really excited when they released their first sheet masks. Most masks use some sort of acid in their serum but Origins is doing it all natural with a plant-based products like raspberry seed and rose hip oils.

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    Look like an Egyptian (kind of).

    If you haven’t been living under some kind of rock or on the moon, you must have noticed, that sheet masks are the ultimate beauty trend right now.

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    They not only make a good photo accessory on the gram – because looking like an Ancient Egyptian mummy is truly a bonus – they also are simply amazing for your skin as the sheet locks down all of the moisture goodness.

    So… for your beauty pleasure, here are the very best sheet mask products!

    Monday, 29. May 2017