Bella Thorne is apparently dating who?

This is what 2017 has come to... crazy!

Oh that celebrity dating life, down there at the Hollywood pond… you never really know who’s entering or who’s is leaving ones life at the moment.

But the next potential couple – hands down – we seriously never would have seen that coming.

After Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have been in a true Taylor Swift style, never ever getting back together situation for a while now, the self acclaimed Lord has been spotted – HOLD YOUR HORSES EVERYONE – with Bella Thorne.

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Nope, this isn’t a drill as Entertainment Tonight recently reported, that the Lord and the actress even had dinner together, before hitting the clubs in West Hollywood.

The rumoured pair, was even pictured in the back of Scott’s ride, as Bella tried her hardest to hide behind the driver’s seat. And because she’d snapchatted earlier that day, wearing a white fur coat, everyone knows that it’s definitely her, cause she’s rocking the exact same outfit in the pics.

Oh love can be so crazy sometimes…

Wednesday, 17. May 2017