Harry Styles' reaction to a x-rated Kendall Jenner joke is gold

Harry's reaction is basically all of us.

Whilst we just put the whole Harry & Kendall yacht situation emotionally behind us, James Corden did his best, to stir up some ‘old’ feelings… but in the most hilarious way ever.

With Harry co-hosting the Late Late Show with James for an entire week, the British late night host, obviously thinks about the fans and all of the answers they need and deserve.

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Naturally, James couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask Harry about Kendall-gate, when actor* Aaron Taylor-Johnson* explained. that he has named his chickens after the members of the Kardashian/Jenner family

Harry' reaction? Simply sipping that tea… oi, oi! Watch the full clip below:

Tuesday, 16. May 2017