14 celeb ladies that shaved their hair off

    ...and look(ed) bomb!

    Hands down! For most of us girls, long luxurious Rapunzel-inspired hair, sometimes truly feels like big a comfort blanket. Especially when you’ve been growing that hair basically since birth.

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    But besides all that beauty, that luscious locks can be, it’s important to remind our female selves, that a woman’s beauty or worth, is definitely not measured by the length of her hair.

    And the following A-list femmes, like Cara Delevingne, Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart have all recently stepped out, with one badass babe buzz cuts – what a statement gals.

    Here’s a whole load of other famous ladies – besides Britney Spears – who’ve also shaved their hair off and looked bomb af.

    Wednesday, 10. May 2017