Labrinth puts career first

Labrinth prefers music to sex.
The 23-year-old rapper – who has a girlfriend but won’t reveal her identity – admits he wouldn’t have any problems choosing between intimacy and sport, but would put his career above everything.
Asked if he prefers sex or football, he said: ‘’Sex, no hesitation. I don’t really follow football. But if you asked me to choose between sex and music, that would be hard. I’d have to say music. Oh god, my girl is going to kill me!‘’
Labrinth also admitted he has had many embarrassing moments when he has been drunk but is particularly horrified by the memory of stripping in front of a group of women.
He said: ’’I’ve had quite a few drunken disasters. I once got naked at a party and tried to dance with loads of girls.‘’
The rapper says he would know a girl understood him if she bought him a musical gift.
He told more! magazine: ’’The best present a girl could buy me would be a guitar. If she bought me one, I’d know she really understood me.’’

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Sunday, 06. May 2012