Alanis Morrisette forgot recording

Alanis Morrisette ’’can’t remember’’ a lot of recording her new album.
The ‘Ironic’ hitmaker – who became a mother for the first time in December 2010 when son Ever Imre was born – worked on ‘Havoc And Bright Lights’ while she was still nursing her baby and found it fun to combine both, though she has few memories of the period.
She said: ‘’To be honest I wrote it post-partum the whole few months after my son was born, so I barely remember the process.
’’It was in our home, and we built a makeshift studio in what is now the playroom because I’m an attachment parent, so I wanted to be able to breastfeed.
‘’So it was literally in and out of this room, writing with Guy Sigsworth, recording, being a mom, back and forth in my house. I barely remember it and I wouldn’t say I was letting loose, but I was having fun.‘’
The 37-year-old singer says the album marks a shift in attitude from her because she no longer feels the need to apologise for any part of her personality.
She told Rolling Stone: ’’There is a lack of apology for the kind of person I am. I used to have some shame around my Ph.D, psychological part and shame about being spiritual, or shame about being emotional or sensitive.
‘’And what I know now, or what I feel now, is that I don’t have shame for those parts. It might p**s people off or rub them the wrong way or have them roll their eyes. I don’t care.’’
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Friday, 04. May 2012