Kylie Minogue shocked by chart success

Kylie Minogue thought she’d be a one-hit wonder.
The 43-year-old singer – who is set to release a new greatest hits compilation, ‘The Best of Kylie Minogue’ – is amazed she has sold over 60 million records in a 25-year pop career because her first single, ‘The Locomotion’, was meant to be a one-off following her appearance on Australian TV soap ‘Neighbours’.
She said: ‘’I never thought I would have a 25-year singing career.
’’When I first started singing I was acting and thought that singing would just be another string to my bow. Cut to actually releasing the single – I think it was seen as a kind of one-off, a novelty. I’m sure that in most people’s minds and I think even in my own I was meant to be a one-hit wonder.‘’
The ’All the Lovers’ hitmaker admitted she is keen to do more acting following a recent appearance in new movie ‘Holy Motors’ alongside Eva Mendes.
She told BBC Radio 2: ‘’Who knows what the next 25 years hold? I would love to get into more acting, for sure.
’’I’m really excited that a film I did last year, that I had a small role in, is being premiered in Cannes this year. I’m super-excited about that.‘’
And Kylie reassured fans she has no plans to retire any time soon.
She added: ’’I’ll probably just carry on for as long as I can, as long as people are happy to have me around.‘’
’The Best of Kylie Minogue’ will be released on June 4.
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Friday, 04. May 2012