People oversharing after sex has simply to do with science

Somewhat relieving, but so unromantic.

Post-coital real talk. Hands down! Who of us isn’t familiar with that moment, when you spill out your deepest and darkest secrets, to a person you probably hardly know? That’s right – ALL of us!

While the oversharing-after-sex-talk is never really about the most formal of topics, a study has now explored, how erotic images alter a person’s conversation pattern.

The study Sex Unleashes Your Tongue, even proved, that only thinking about sex leaves a person more likely, to disclose intimate details about their life to a complete stranger.

In Study 1, participants were subliminally exposed to sexual stimuli (vs. neutral stimuli), and then disclosed over Instant Messenger a personal event to an opposite-sex stranger. Results showed that merely thinking about sex, even without being aware of it, encouraged self-disclosure.

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Study 2 replicated these findings in relatively naturalistic conditions (live face-to-face interactions following supraliminal video priming).

Study 3 extended these findings, indicating that sexual priming facilitated self-disclosure, which, in turn, increased interest in future interactions with the stranger."

By comparison, the portion of the group who hadn’t been exposed to any sexual stimulu, were most reserved in their conversations, as well as much less likely to bring up deeply personal, cringeworthy events.

So the next time, you can just blame your after sex confessional ramblings on science. Oh sweet, sweet relief.

Monday, 24. April 2017