Holiday planning problems? Just choose your next vacay based on your fave star

  • Taylor Swift: Paris France >>>

  • Chic, sophisticated, and just a little bit sheeeeexy, Taylor couldn’t be anything BUT the city of love really, could she?

  • Harry Styles: New Orleans, USA >>>

  • Oh-so-cool, hot as hell and with a party scene that’s real and fun rather than flashy and pretentious, Harreh is Nola through and through.

  • Little Mix: Dubai, United Emirates of Arabia >>>

  • Classy and high-end with a generous serving of swank, the ultimate girls’ holiday destination is Little Mix down to a ‘T’.

  • Zayn Malik: Slovenia >>>

  • Kylie Jenner: Calabasas, USA >>>

  • Ok so yeah, Calabasas is where Kylie already lives - but she’s admitted she never wants to call anywhere else ‘home’, so there’s that. Also, nobody epitomises all that LA is more than Kylie J. Fire up that Range Rover.

  • Shawn Mendes: Canada >>>

  • Just anywhere in Canada. Because he’s Canadian. And really nice. Groundbreaking stuff this, isn’t it?

  • 5SOS: Bali >>>

  • Super chilled out, perfect to look and with a wild party side, there’s no doubt that Bali = 5 Seconds of Summer.

  • Katy Perry: Orlando, Florida, USA >>>

  • Because 1) she dated Orlando Bloom so it seemed fitting and 2) all those bright Disney colours and perfect All-American vibes.

  • Charlotte Crosby: Zante, Greece >>>

  • A party-goer’s haven, but not as obvious or, let’s face it - trashy - as Magaluf. Our Charlotte’s a classy gal these days.

  • Niall Horan: Australia >>>

  • Sunny and warm, just like his smile.

  • Justin Bieber: Guatemala >>>

  • Used to be a bit uncool in terms of ‘in’ holiday destinations, but it’s now a premium fixture on the ‘places to visit’ scene.

  • Miley Cyrus: Amsterdam, Holland >>>

  • For obvious reasons.

  • Beyonce: London, United Kingdom

  • Specifically, Buckingham Palace, because she is kweeeeeeen.

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    If holiday destinations were celebs... live would be so easy!

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    Well, then just pick your all time favourite celeb and there it is, you’re ultimate-next-holiday-destination-match.

    SCIENCE… its as easy as that!

    Thursday, 13. April 2017