Love sick? These 10 things are way better than your ex anyway

  • Donuts: You know when Beyonce sung ‘if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it’? She wasn’t talking about a boring old proposal, she was referring to a glazed ring donut.

  • Binge watching a show on Netflix: Your favourite show won’t let you down. Or lie. Or cheat. Or smell. Although if you don’t scrape the cheetos dust outta that keyboard the last one might change. Just saying.

  • Planning your next holiday: If there’s one thing Julia Roberts taught us in that Eat, Pray, Love film our mum was obsessed with, it’s that travel (and pizza) heals all. Let’s ignore the ‘love’ part, because you don’t need no romance to make a holiday. Plus, looking at pics of gorgeous hotels cleanses the soul. Fact.

  • Going on an online spending spree: It’s been scientifically proven that dropping some dolla dolla on shiny new clothes releases the same brain hormone as when you fall in love. OK we totally made that up, but it sounds legit right? Plus you can always send it all back if you don’t like it, which doesn’t work so much with humans.

  • Fresh sheets day: NOTHING IS BETTER THAN FRESH SHEETS DAY. If putting on a duvet cover wasn’t such a horrendous experience requiring at least 3 extra arms and a degree in origami, we’d change our beds every other day, just for that clean ‘n’ cosy feeling.

  • The smell of bacon: Or any great food cooking, to be honest. That moment when you’re really hungry and you smell onions frying… could your sh*tty ex ever make you feel like that? Exactly.

  • Friday nights in: Putting your PJs on as soon as you get home, grabbing your snuggliest (yep, real word) blanket, your fave snacks, and settling in on the sofa for a blissed out night of you-ness. The dream.

  • Your friends: THEY’LL BE THERE FOR YOOOOOOU, when the rain starts to pour, THEY’LL BE THERE FOR YOOOOOOOU, like they’ve been there before (etc. etc.).

  • The first day of sunshine after a grim winter: TFW you step outside and something seems different. Something seems… better. What is it? What’s changed? And then you realise. The air is warmer, the sky is blue and there’s the smell of blossom in the air. ‘Winter is over, bitches’, the birds seem to sing. ‘Winter is over’.

  • Baby animals: If all else fails, watching YouTube videos of baby pandas will remind you that the world is a good place. Seriously they’re like drunk little men it’s incredible.

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    Baby animals basically cure anything!

    Unfortunately, break ups are a part of life. But even if your heart is breaking right now, you WILL get through it – and besides, there’s so many things that are way better than your cretinous oaf of an ex anyway. Things like these.

    Thursday, 27. April 2017