This is how many calories you burn with everyday activities

  • 1. Doing the weekly shop: Lugging a loaded trolley full of goodies up and down the biscuit aisle in the supermarket for an hour will have you burning around 243 calories.

  • 2. Brushing your teeth: Not only is it good for your pearly whites and minty fresh breath, but giving your toothy pegs a good scrub twice a day for two minutes will also help eliminate a quite frankly whopping 5.7 calories each time.

  • 3. A snogging session: A half an hour make out fest will also help you get rid of a hot and heavy 36 calories, depending on how into it you are.

  • 4. Getting your laundry done: For every fifteen minutes of folding clothes and putting them away, you’ll burn 37 kcals. Getting them out on the line is even MORE, because you’re bending and stretching, too. One hour’s worth of laundry antics is equivalent to about 100 sit ups.

  • 5. Making the bed: 72 calories are outta here by the time you’ve made your bed. And then you can sleep as a reward, which is even better.

  • 6. Hoovering up: Hoovering the whole house can apparently eliminate about 180 calories per hour - just make sure you keep switching arms to make sure you don't end up with just one Johnny Bravo bicep.

  • 7. Drying your hair: For every 15 minutes that you’re blasting the blow dryer, you’re burning 45 calories from your life.

  • 8. Sex: If you’re gonna bump uglies with someone, the priority is that you’re both having a lovely time. But as a nice bonus, a sesh of sexual activity could also see you eliminate 54 calories.

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    And it burns, burns, burns...

    Finding time for the gym can be a right pain in the not so firm butt. But(t) life can just get in ones way. I mean, hands down! It’s really hard to find time away from binge watching the new season of your favorite series, digging out some clean leggings, jumping into the shower, blowdrying your hair and buying snacks. It’s just to mucho.

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    Luckily there is a non time consuming way, which technically saves you from sweating your precious evenings away, but still lets you burn all of those calories, with the most mediocre of daily activities, such as doing the laundry.

    Great news all round.

    Tuesday, 04. April 2017