Are the Kardashian sisters on the lookout for a new boyfriend for Kylie Jenner?

And what is actually going on here?

Did Kylie Jenner and her longterm boyfriend Tyga really split up? Well, that’s basically the word on the Hollywood streets right now, after no PDA filled or loved up pics have been posted by the pair on social media lately.

Plus, its been said, that The Kardashian sisters are already rallying around their youngest sibling, trying to find Kylizzle a new love to focus on.

Kylie’s sisters have agreed that the best way for her to move on from Tyga for good is to start dating again.’

‘They have all agreed to find her the perfect rebound!’ the source added.

However, rumor also has it, that Khloe and Kim are already clashing opinions on what type of guy their teenage sister should date.

Khloe is insisting that none of these potential boyfriends include rappers but Kim vetoed that decision,’ the source claims.

OH MY… but what does Kylie say to all of this? Speak up, Kylizzle… we need answers!

Monday, 03. April 2017