11 awkward firsts every new relationship experiences

  • 1. Your first date… What will we talk about? What if it’s ridiculously awkward? What if I get wasted? Oops…

  • 2. Your first kiss… Oh god, are they going to kiss me? I’m sweating. We just knocked teeth. Kill me.

  • 3. Your first sleep-over… I don’t have a clean change of underwear or a toothbrush. Will they notice if I get up, use theirs, sort my make-up and slip back into bed and ‘wake-up’ again?

  • 4. The first drunk sex… They're going to see me naked. Suck in your stomach. Why did I eat that burger for dinner? Okay act sexy…

  • 5. The first sober sex… I was so much better at this last night. The daylight is not being kind to my stomach rolls right now.

  • 6. The first time you meet the parents… Don’t make an inappropriate joke. Oh god their mum is staring at me. She can see what I’m thinking. SAY SOMETHING YOU MUTE.

  • 7. The first time you call them your boyfriend/girlfriend… It feels weird. I’m panicking. Okay it’s passed.

  • 8. Your first fart in front of them… WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? Okay they're looking at me? Do I just own it? They're laughing. I’m half relieved, half mortified.

  • 9. Their first time seeing you without makeup… They just asked ‘what’s different?’ People are dumb.

  • 10. Your first 'I love you'… Keep it casual. BE COOL.

  • 11. The first time you’re ill in front of them… Quick put the tap on. They're going to hear me throw up…or WORSE.

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    From passion-overload and multiple heart-skips per day when ‘they’ text you… new relationships are simply bomb.

    But despite all of the excitement, there’s also always a fare share of super awkward firsts – from kisses to sleepovers – all lovers have to cringe through…

    Friday, 21. April 2017