Stephen Bear about Gaz Beadle: "He can’t compete with me”!

We wonder what Char makes of this revelation?!

Once more, Stephen Bear has proven that his ego is basically indestructible, telling the world that Charlotte Crosby’s ex Gaz Beadle is nothing against him.

‘I think he’s cool. And he can’t compete with me, no one can. She ain’t getting better than me,’ Bear (humbly) stated.

Mh… but what about the parsnip? No tiny bits of intimidation here?

Whilst totally making clear, who Charlotte’s heart belongs to, Bear also admitted that he’d happily have ten kids.

‘I’m ready to start the f**king Bear legacy, the tribe. You need to lock us in a room to make babies. She’d be stuck in there for ten years.’

Romance is in the air!

Tuesday, 28. March 2017