12 celebs before and after lip fillers

    Just pout it!

    Every decade has its trends. In the eighties one surely got themselves a perm, in the nineties the cool kids were rocking the full on heroin chic. But this decade is definitely going for a more juicy look, with totally trending that lil touch of lip filler.

    Watching the so called ‘Kylie Jenner Effect’ pretty much single handedly multiplying countless celeb pouts by a minimum of ten zillion percent (who’s actually counting), we’re pretty sure that lip fillers are the trend of the decade.

    But can we even remember what your fave celebs looked like before they discovered those pout enhancing methods?

    Here are 12 famous faces who look pretty much unrecognizable before and after they had their lips done.


    Wednesday, 26. April 2017