The first "Little Mermaid" trailer is here

Sebastian... where are you?

If you were already hoping on singing along to ‘The Litte Mermaids’, ‘Kiss the girl’ and ‘Under the sea’, we sadly have to disappoint here, as the 2017 live-action version of the movie has no musical scenes, nor a Ursula, or a talking crab in it.

Whilst Disney’s producing its own live-action version of the famous Mermaid-tale, another ‘Little Mermaid’ is hitting the big screen this year. But instead of adapting Arielle storyline, this movie rips its plot from Hans Christian Andersen’s original 1837 fairy tale.

Besides the lack of speaking crabs and singing mermaids, the first sneak peek of the original tale looks quite promising:

Monday, 13. March 2017