Kendall Jenner proves she's a hell of a singer in the new Estée Lauder ad

Lypsinc to the max!

Remember all of those lipsync vids of Kendall Jenner, dancing and singing to Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift songs?

Well, most obviously these cameos came in quite handy for Kenny as the Model now starred in her first ever choreographed music video.

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This all went down in honor of Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Love lipstick, with Kendall dancing and lipsyncing along to Elle King's brand new single ‘Wild Love’ to launch the campaign.

In the clip we see Kendall being left to clean up – what appears to be – an afterparty. Whilst giving the flat a good swipe, Kendall stumbles over a tube of Elle's lipstick, which somehow turns the whole situation into a magical switch-up.

All of a sudden we find Elle floundering in the recording studio, whilst Kenny ditches her supermodel day-job, into being an actual pop superstar.

Well, it definitely looks like a real life possibility. You go Kendall!

Wednesday, 08. March 2017