Tulisa: 'No timescale for N-Dubz reunion'

Tulisa Contostavlos doesn't know when N-Dubz will reunite.

Tulisa Contostavlos doesn’t know when N-Dubz will reunite.
The singer – who recently unveiled her debut solo single ‘Young’ – admits she is likely to appear in the band alongside Dappy and Fazer again but does not have a timescale to tell fans when they will work together.
She said: ‘’We just wanted some time out, we all wanted to do our solo projects and establish ourselves as solo artists. We just don’t have a set time on when we’re going to reunite. We know we want to do it, and we probably will do it, we just haven’t set a time yet.‘’
However, Tulisa – who recently revealed she took her debut solo song from former boyfriend Fazer when she heard him creating it in the studio – admits she is more chilled than when she was with the group as she does not have to second guess them and their actions.
She added in an interview with UK TV show ’Daybreak’: ’’It’s a lot more relaxing, usually I would be looking around if they [Dappy and Fazer] were sitting either side of me – what are they saying next, what are they going to do now? So now I can just chill out.’’Copyright: Bang Showbiz 2012

Monday, 30. April 2012