These social media habits kill your self esteem

5 habits to get rid off, for a happier online you!

Good ol’ dopamine. You release it whilst riding rollercoasters, during you’re fitness classes or whilst having sex. It’s a good feeling!

And believe it or not, the same applies for positive feedback via social media channels. This isn’t a drill as scientists have found, that likes, hearts and etc. induces the natural feel-good chemical dopamine.

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Naturally you, I, we all feel drawn to positive effects on our self-esteem. So hand over those likes!

But for some, social media is rather a kind of rehabilitative tool, helping to increase their lack of confidence… which can turn from the better to worse.

So if, social media can get you down, here are 5 habits you should get rid off for a happier online you:

Tuesday, 28. February 2017