6 weird period-myths people actually thought were true

  • Bloody Myth #1: Period blood could kill mice! Had a pest problem in the 1940s? No probs - it was widely believed at the time that menstrual blood was chock full of a poison called ‘menotoxin’, so strong it could literally make mice die. Powerful. Unfortunately for anyone looking to save money on traps, it’s (unsurprisingly) all a load of BS.

  • Boody Myth #2: Babies conceived from period sex would be deformed and ‘stinking’. Period sex is still fairly taboo in today’s society, with some people being all like ‘lemme get the towels out’ and others horrified at the idea of getting jiggy with it while surfing the crimson wave. HOWEVER, what we can all agree on is that a baby conceived during period sex will NOT be ‘puny, languid… subject to an infinity of fetid maladies, foul and stinking’ - something some French ‘intellectuals’ once believed. Christ.

  • Bloody Legend #3: Heavy periods could be helped by burning a toad! Medieval folk in Europe were convinced that women suffering from a heavy flow (and a wide set vagina? Holla if you got that Mean Girls reference) could ‘cure’ themselves by BURNING A TOAD IN A POT and wearing the ashes STRAPPED IN A POUCH NEXT TO THEIR VAJEEN.

  • Bloody Legend #4: Menstrual blood came from all over the body! Did you not know? Your period blood isn’t the shedding of your womb lining, oh no - it’s actually just excess blood from all over your body leaking out to make some room inside you. At least that’s what was believed in the 1800s. Oh, and if you’re wondering how they explained why this only happened to women, apparently it’s because women have naturally softer and spongy flesh than men. Riiiiiiiight, k.

  • Bloody Legend #5: Women should spend their periods in menstrual huts. This is actually not that funny because this one’s still going on in a lot of places, including Nepal - despite the practice being banned in 2005. Ugh. It was originally part of Hindu tradition ‘chaupadi’, in which menstruating women are isolated because they are considered unclean. Hmmm.

  • Bloody Legend #6: The smell of period blood would repel animals! It’s hardly surprising that the toads were running away what with the whole being burnt in a pot thing, but the Romans believed that a woman on her period would repel any animal in her path. Menstruating females were banned from hunting and other animal related activities for this reason. Pfff, hunting is gross anyway.

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    RUN! It's the mega-period...

    OH MY GOD BLOOD DIRTY WOMB BLOOD GOD HELP US ALL.. was and often still is, the general vibe when it comes to menstruation.

    For some weird reason, people throughout history just have had a real hard time dealing with the fact, that women have their period and bleed once a month.

    But as there’s nothing better to laugh about then olden days ‘alternative facts’, here are six absolutely weird period-lies, people actually thought were true.

    Poor froggy’s.

    Wednesday, 15. February 2017