Oh Oh: Justin Bieber just threw some shade at The Weeknd (again)

When you were asking yourself, what Justin Bieber was up to, instead of attending the 2017 Grammy awards last weekend, then bare with us.

’Cause Bieber rather ditched this years Grammys, to spend his evening, with more or less subtly throwing shade at The Weeknd (again).

Streaming live via InstagramJB’s really quite into this feature at the moment – he took some time out to answer questions, sent in by fans.

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But when asked, what his current favorite song is, Bieber took a second to pause before replying, ‘Starboy’ by The Weekend’…

Now when you think, that Biebes is just being honest here, then think again as a cackle of laughter soon followed with him adding: ’Oh shit, that was funny.

Selena and The Weeknd haven’t even bothered to respond to all of this ridiculousness, but that’s just because they’re too busy kissing behind rubbish bins or wandering through galleries around Europe together.


Tuesday, 14. February 2017