All the emotional phases on Valentine’s Day when you’re single af

  • 1. You begin to hate on any couple who look remotely happy

  • 2. Even all the loved-up celebs you once thought were cute are now annoying af

  • 3. You attempt (and probably fail) to secure a panic date for the big day

  • 4. You try to convince people you don’t believe in this whole lovey dovey charade anyway

  • 5. You decide to campaign for an official Galentine’s Day

  • 6. Being reminded by any relative you cross paths with about your prolonged singledom makes your blood boil

  • 7. Someone in your friendship group gets surprised by their significant other with a romantic V-Day getaway

  • 8. Then follows the wave of self doubt followed by a waterfall of tears

  • 9. You decide that Ben & Jerry are the only men you need in your life

  • 10. You check your messages constantly for any last minute offers

  • 11. You begin to have the ultimate ‘I’m an independent woman’ moment

  • 12. You decide to round up the squad for a singles night out

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    It’s here! Valentine’s Day is back… but just so that you know, you’re not alone and you’ll survive ‘the you know what day, that shouldn’t be named’ for today anymore.

    >>> Fifty Shades Darker | Special: Behind the scenes with Dakota Johnson

    And while those with a so called better half are probably feeling rather great about the arrival of the most romantic day of the year, for those of us that are single AF – us – it’s probably more of a combination of YUCK ’til HELP.

    So hands down… who of us singles haven’t have gone through all of these 12 stages within today yet…?! HANDS DOWN!

    Tuesday, 14. February 2017