Bella Hadid struts out with a "new" hair-do

Thanks to Kim Kardashian’s hair stylist, Jen Atkin.

Bella Hadid got ’bang’d’ by no one other than Kim Kardashian’s stylist Jen Atkin. No, we’re not even kidding. We’re totes serious as the model presented her straighter-than-straight new fringe on Snapchat.

And man, doesn’t she looks hot?

Giving Bella a cool Pulp Fiction/Uma Thurman vibe, her new bangin’ hair-do wasn’t for reals as Bella appeared in her usual no-fringe-pulled-back-hair-into-a-bun-look just the following day on her Insta story.

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If a winge (faux fringe) can look THIS great, we’re totally up for a change!

Monday, 09. January 2017